Thursday, March 12, 2009

Finally Back!

Yes, I have been remiss in my updating duties. I blame Facebook. But here are my results as of last Thursday, March 5:

Weight: 366 lbs, for a total loss (TL) of 39 lbs (I weighed in again on Wednesday March 11 at 362 lbs, bringing my TL to 43 lbs.)

Bust: 57.75 inches, TL 2.75 inches

Waist: 57.5 inches, TL 3 inches

Abdomen: 61.5 inches, TL 3 inches

Hips: 61.25 inches, TL 3.25 inches

Thigh: 31 inches, TL 1.5 inches

Upper Arm: 17 inches, TL 1 inch

BMI: 55.7 points, TL 5.9 points

I'm very glad that the plateau has broken. I know plateaus happen, but they can be very frustrating (and not very exciting to blog about.)

I've been working on some of my 101 Things in 1001 Days goals. So far I've fulfilled wishlist requests for 6 people on Bookcrossing, so that puts me ahead of my goal for the year (I'll probably try to fulfill a few more once I have a job -- mailing books can get expensive.) While we're on the subject of books, I finished updating my To Be Read shelf on Goodreads, and I own 185 non-bookgroup books that I haven't yet read. I've decided that I want to get at least 90% of these books off the To Be Read shelf by the end of the 1001 Days, instead of just 75% as I had originally set. Will I read every last page of every book? Not necessarily, especially when you consider the fact that many of these books were acquired 8-10 years ago when my reading tastes were somewhat different than they are today. So I'm going to follow Nancy Pearl's guidelines and read the first 50 pages of each book. If, after 50 pages, the book is not holding my interest, I'll set it aside and move on. With these guidelines, I should have no problem getting through all my unread books.