Sunday, April 21, 2013

Slightly TMI, But Too Funny to Not Share

I discovered today (quite by accident, of course) that Nad's works on cats. Well, cats' feet, at the very least.

(For those of you unfamiliar with Nad's and too busy to click the link, Nad's is a hair removal gel. You smear the gel on your skin, cover it with a cloth strip, and then rip the strip off. The gel is very sticky, so it grabs the hair and pulls it out as you rip the strip off. It sounds more painful than it actually is, especially after you've done it on a regular basis.)

Earlier today I was waxing my legs with Nad's. I did this while sitting on my bed, accompanied by my cat Tessie. This was not the first time I had waxed my legs, but apparently it was the first time Tessie had seen me wax my legs. She was rather fascinated by the process. She had the same expression on her face that she gets whenever I put lotion or perfume on, so I'm sure she was thinking something along the lines of, "These humans, always putting weird stuff all over themselves when all they really need to do is lick." Anyway, I did one leg, setting aside the used cloth strips in a pile out of the way. Then I turned around to do my other leg. Suddenly, Tessie lunged forward in attack mode: apparently she decided that the used strips were some kind of prey. What she did not realize is that the used strips are still quite sticky, so she ended up with one stuck to her paw. She flailed around for a bit, trying unsuccessfully to get it off; at this point I noticed what was going on, and I started laughing. I grabbed the strip, held her foot, and pulled the strip off. Sure enough, a small tuft of her fur came with it. She was not pleased and proceeded to bathe her foot for the next five minutes while pointedly ignoring me.

Good thing she didn't get the strips all over her, or I'd have one very unhappy, partially hairless cat (and some very funny photos).