Sunday, January 5, 2014

What's Next for the SockieLady?

As odd as it is, I seem to have finally discovered my purpose in life: to make sockies and other strange creatures. I certainly never expected that my destiny would revolve around sewing -- after all, I was the girl who absolutely refused to take Home Ec in junior high! No, I was the lone female in shop class, putting all the boys to shame with my mad drilling skillz. In fact, the first thing I ever wanted to be when I was a kid was a long-haul trucker. So, not being a very "girly" female, my natural affinity for creating things out of fabric, thread, and buttons kinda took me by surprise. But now that I've discovered my calling, I keep thinking of new things to create, new ways to expand my repertoire.

Last year, I started making monsters in addition to sockies. I had already made two sockie aliens, but for some reason, socks (IMO) lend themselves more to realistic creatures than to fantasy creatures and monsters. However, I had some leftover T-shirt fabric after making a couple T-shirt bags, so I started playing around and I created... this:

This is Iggy. I'm not quite sure what Iggy is -- a gremlin? a goblin? a baby gargoyle? Whatever he is, he is very special to me: Iggy sits on my pillow and protects me from nightmares (and he falls on my head whenever I roll over, but it's ok, I still love him.) Since creating Iggy, I've gone on to create a number of monsters, mostly working in fleece (you can see and purchase them at my shop, SockiesPaperScissors), as well as a dragon for my 5-year-old friend Joe. So now I'm considering where I want to go next, what I want to make. Here are some ideas so far:
  1. Make some smaller monsters more like Iggy. Most of the monsters I made after Iggy were larger and more intricate, but there's something about Iggy that I really love. I think he needs some brothers and sisters to go out into the world and be monster mascots.
  2. Make more dragons! I posted pictures of the dragon that I made for Joe on Facebook, and the response I got was overwhelming. Yes, the dragons are larger, more detailed, and will take longer to make, but I've already got a basic pattern designed. And think of all the colors -- I could create a whole rainbow of dragons!
  3. Miniaturize the sockies and monsters and make them into holiday ornaments.
  4. Play around more with drawing/painting sockies and monsters.
  5. Maybe add some flower girls to the shop: